ABC Buses

ABC bus companies started as Faribault. In 1972, they officially became the ABC bus company. Their focus was on selling and servicing used coaches. Two years later they expanded to offer leasing services. This helped them to go from a local company to a national entity. Over the next quarter century, they expanded to include facilities in California, Florida, Texas, and New Jersey, further establishing themselves as a nationwide company.

ABC Buses for Sale

One of their big breaks came in 1987 when they forged a strategic business alliance with Van Hool. ABC buses became the sole distributor of Van Hool coaches in America. Van Hool is a quality coach company, so this arrangement provided ABC bus companies with a strong foundation for business. Essentially they received exclusive nationwide rights to a quality product.

In 1999, right before the turn of the millennium, the ABC bus company established its first website. Like any business, this was a boon to them. They were able to offer more information on their services and inventory in a far more organized fashion. ABC bus customers rejoiced. In 2001 they consolidated all of their subsidiary business under one name, ABC Companies. This helped to streamline business and increase efficiency.

ABC Bus Sales

  • Where can I find used ABC buses? You can shop around, but go to the website and find pre-owned vehicles.
  • Where can I find ABC bus parts? It’s easy! They also have 24/7 access to parts for ABC buses online at their website. They actually opened a large facility in 2007 that is solely dedicated to the warehousing of parts. They also acquired Muncie company, which is a huge supplier of parts.
  • So the ABC bus company is sufficiently equipped to provide parts support? Absolutely! They are now one of the largest suppliers and have more than ample warehouse space. They also streamlined their website to make it more functional for fully taking advantage of ABC bus service
  • Their site sounds good, what else can they do for me? Their support also includes Van Hool Service Bulletins and online financing requests.

For a company that never truly manufactured their own coaches, they have provided an incredible level of service to coach customers. In the most technical sense they are not a manufacturer, which is why you often don’t find ABC buses for sale per se. But so invaluable have they been that they have left their mark, and you can even see their name on coaches sometimes, right next to the actual manufacturer!